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Welcome to the JennyTeee's Blog

Hello, Everyone! I wanted to take my time to welcome everyone to my website! and I also wanted to introduce everyone to my new weekly blogs.

Who am I?

Well Hello Everyone! My name is Jenne' Taylor aka The Cake Lady! Some may even call me the cookie lady, depending on what your shopping for lol. I am the owner of JennyTeee's Cakes and Treats, and it is the biggest blessing God could have ever given me. If you haven't already, read the "About" me at the top of the page to learn how I started.

What I Wil Talk about:

This may wind up being the most off the wall blog you have ever partaken in. LOL I honestly don't plan to talk just about one specific thing. Sometimes I may talk about baking and cake art, other times I may talk about the struggles of business, or building your business and keeping up with family. Just know that if it pops up in my head, we gon talk about it!

When will I posts Blogs?

Honestly yall, I want to post as often as I can. A lot of times I have so much going on in my head, sometime I just want to talk to people that are just as interested in what I am thinking as I am....if that makes sense?? So I don't want to make any promises I cant keep, due to my schedule, but I will post every day if I can. And I would love if you talked back to me! Introduce yourself? Give me subjects to talk about? Ask more questions, and invite some friends. This website is more then just about me and what I bake and design, I want to include all of my clients and friends and family as well.

What you wont do!

What we not gon do in this blog is judge ANYONE!!! Ima be honest, one thing I'm terrible at is spelling....and you can already see my grammar is a little country, and a little Midwest, so here I will type exactly how I speak. My goal is to be as comfortable as possible while I interact, because some subjects I know will be touchy. So if I'm comfy, you will be comfy and that's just that! So don't talk about how I spell and speak, and don't talk about anyone else for any flaw they may have! We don't judge over here boo!!! Oh yea and absolutely NO NEGATIVITY!!

I think thats it!!!

Welcome again everyone!! Now lets get to chatting!!!

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Monica Tircuit Handley

Let's hear about your first official sale! What was that like stepping out on your talent?


Jenne' Taylor
Jenne' Taylor

Yall dont laugh at me....I just wanted to be the first person to comment on my first blog lol....besides I was curious to what it looks like duh! lol

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