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Green Juice and Journal

My response:

For me the most rewarding feeling every, is the feeling I get from helping someone. If it means making the treats for their next party, or talking them through a very frustrating part of their day. I honestly get the purest gratification from just being there for people. As I sit here thinking, I can’t recall when this started in me. Honestly I feel like I have been this way forever. With all of this being said, that is just it. I chose to go on a career path of helping people, and that feels so real, important and necessary all at the same time.

I mean with the cakes and treats it just feels completely good to know that my cake or my treats that I custom designed will be in their memory, and photo memories forever. Just know that I was able to help make such a moment so special for them. And with Life Coaching, it just feels good to be there for someone and help guide them through some of their most confusing and toughest moments in their life. Because when I was going through my toughest time that’s all I ever wanted. I feel thankful for my therapist being there for me. I told her recently that I will always remember her as the person that helped guide me into my most current season of happiness and emotional maturity. And that is all I want as well. For people to remember me as the one that listened, the one that didn’t judge, and the one that if I didn’t have the answer, I knew exactly where to guide them to find it.

My work is the second most important thing to me besides my family. My work is me!

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