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About Jenne'

(pronounced like the singer Jhene’ Aiko)

I want to start by saying,





Sweet Tea


Early Bird

Night Owl







Did you Know?

I make desserts, I don’t eat them. I’m more of a candy girl! it's a good thing too, otherwise, I'd want to eat all of my custom cakes!


To know me is to love me, and my cakes and treats go hand in hand. The art behind cake decorating has had my attention for going on 8 years now. It all started on our first thanksgiving in my parents’ new home in 2013. This year we had a house full because the Baltimore Ravens were playing the Pittsburgh Steelers and that’s one of the biggest rivalries in my family. (And yes I am a Steelers fan! Woot Woot!) Well, we had well over 60 people in the house ready and waiting to enjoy the feast. And this year I decided to make a red velvet cake from scratch for the first time. And when I say that cake was gone in 60 seconds, I am not exaggerating! (I still use the same red velvet recipe to this day.)

From that day forward I began to look into baking more. Finding new recipes, and watching YouTube videos. When I shortly discovered there is more to baking then putting things in the oven. See baking comes easy for me, due to my natural ability to just simply follow directions. I have also been told by many in my family that my NaNa whom I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting was a natural as well. I like to say that she passed down her amazing talents to me. Needless to say, just baking became very boring for me. I soon fell in love with the artistry of cake 

designs. I started to experiment, I even designed my first few fondant cakes, while all still being self-taught. Soon I realized, I couldn’t go a day without even thinking about caking, and that’s when I knew it was the thing that gives me life! 

The art behind cake decorating has had my attention for going on 8 years now.
I spent  7 years studying 
and perfecting my craft.
custom chic fil a birthday cake.jpeg

Once I came to the realization that caking was what I wanted, I spent the next seven years of my life in and out of jobs, while I continued to study and perfect my craft. I also had to do a huge amount of confidence-boosting as well LOL. Then in November 2019, a tragic incident happened one day while driving on the highway that changed my life. No, I wasn’t injured, and neither was anyone else for that matter. But my life did flash before my eyes. Soon after I began to question my being. Was I really doing what God intended for my life? Was I really living my life to its full potential? I couldn’t answer any of the questions I had for myself positively. So, in January 2020 I decided that if caking is all I can think about, then it must be what I am meant to do. 

Thanks to the constant encouragement from all of my friends, and the huge amount of support from my honey here I am, JennyTeee the Cake lady here to cater to all of your sweet treat needs! I have made everything from pound cakes to 3D cakes, to wedding cakes. My goal has always been for my skills to be limitless. Whatever you request, I can do!

I would like thank my number one fans, my boyfriend Lemuel, and my 2 kids Zion and Jo Jo for always pushing and motivating me to wanting to be one step better then yesterday! 

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